2013 Meeting Reports

At the July 2013 meeting, Martin Blow gave us an excellent talk about Daylilies. He is clearly very knowledgable and even passionate about these beautiful flowers. The talk was liberally ilustrated with photos from their own extensive collection. While they may look exotic, and some have blooms more than a foot in diameter, Martin was  quick to point out that they are not difficult to grow. "Plant them with the green bit uppermost" Martin quipped with regard to cultivation requirements.He showed us the use of  complimetary plants and situations to ensure the best display. Daylilies have a fascinating diversity of forms and colours that have been bred and selected over the years.

At the September Meeting, we were delightfully entertained by our guest speaker, popular TV  gardener/personality Chris  Beardshaw, who treated us to a fascinating evening of stories and humour. Chris has a relaxed and confident style that really draws the audience in, making the experience most enjoyable.

Initially he explained his association with Furzey Gardens and the Minstead Training Project helping young adults with learning disabilities to learn skills and confidence for life. Starting with some history of the gardens, Chris recounted the journey from a vague concept to a Gold Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with an unconventional garden reflecting Furzey's unique aspect.  A very proud achievement for the many students involved with realising the Chelsea garden.
The second part of his talkwas a very amusing extract from  "100 Plants that almost changed the World", his latest book. A funny and slightly irreverend treatment of plants and their history. Afterwards copies of the tome  were available to purchase, and Chris was happy to endorse them.

At the October meeting (10/10/13) we learned some things about poultry and fancy fowl. Andrew Wetters of the High Peak Poultry Club spoke about keeping, breeding and showing of bantams and their eggs. Andrew gave us an entertaining and humorous talk illustrated with a number of live birds (surprisingly well behaved) and an assortment of their eggs.

The High Peak Poultry Club show is held on Sat Feb 1st. 2014 at the Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell, DE45 1AH  

For anyone who would like to know more about poultry keeping and showing, try their website at: -    


At the November meeting (14/11/13) Erick Oswald

was ably assisted by Angela in giving us a fascinating,

illustrated account of their trip to Japan to visit some

of the beautiful gardens found there, many of them in

temple grounds. Erick conveyed how their trip had

left a deep and lasting impression of a culture that is

still very different to ours in the West.  


Much of what is included in Japanese gardens has a

symbolic, mystic or religious importance. We were

given an insight into this, as well as the use and care

of trees, fastidiously pruned and shaped for effect.

This landscape pruning is known as "Niwaki" and is very important in Japanese gardens.


In the summer Erick was involved in the project, sponsored by Bury Hospice, to create a Japanese garden at the RHS Tatton Show. The Gold Medal winning garden has since been recreated at the Bury Hospice as a tranquil area. 

Our December meeting (12/12/13) was a festive occasion to suit the season. We enjoyed mince pies and nibbles while Jacqueline Iddon from "Hardy Plants" of Bretherton showed us her skills with decorative  wreaths and swags. The picture is an example of her art. During her demonstration she regailed us with lots of funny and interesting tales about the family and her long association with the garden and nursery at Hazelwood. 
We closed the very enjoyable evening with a few seasonal songs, lead by Tom (Jacqueline's husband) with his guitar.