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At the January Meeting on the 10th our guest speaker for the evening was Mr Ioan Davies  the Chair of the NW region  of the Japanese Garden Society. He gave us an illustrated talk on Japanese Gardens.While they are different to the English Cottage Garden concept, with which we are so familiar, they are fascinating and beautiful nonetheless.The picture is from the Gold winninggarden that the Japanese Garden Society did for Tatton Show in 2013.

2019 Meeting Reports

At our February Meeting on the 14th,  Craig Bailey was our guest speaker. Craig is a lecturer and course manager in Garden and Landscape Design at Reaseheath College near Nantwich.He gave us an illustrated talk entitled "All About Reaseheath". He explained some of the history of the college and progress to todays modern institution. This Jacobean style manor house was taken into public ownership in 1919, and Cheshire School of Agriculture opened in 1921. Reaseheath is now a prominent land-based college, important in horticulture.
At our March Meeting on the 14th, our guest speaker was Steve Hickman of Hoyland Plant Centre  with a talk entitled "All You Need to Know About Agapanthus".These lovely plants are one of the specialities of Hoyland Plant Centre, near Barnsley. They are in fact National Collection holders of Agapanthus.Steve gave us a great talk and practical demonstration on Agapanthus care and cultivation. He also touched on Nerines, Amarines and Clivia which share similar care and cultivation techniques.
At our April Meeting on the 11th, our guest speaker was Robin Graham of  Drointon Nurseries with a talk entitled "Auriculas - Their History, Care  & Cultivation". In a very enjoyable and interesting talk, we learned a lot about these very attractive alpine plants.Robin brought a nice selection of plants for sale, which many of us took advantage of.Angela set a challenge for those of us who bought the plants to bring the specimen back to next April meeting to see who has done best with it.
At our May Meeting on the 9th, our guest speaker was James Ellson of Hayfield, Derbyshire, James manages a smallholding of 2.5 acres in Hayfield, Derbyshire. There is a large veg garden, an orchard, and a fruit cage. They have solar panels, a wood pellet boiler and spring water. His talk was entitled "15 steps to Self-Sufficiency". It was a fully illustrated talk which was both informative and inspirational. *It covered fruit and veg, and also poultry and bees.*Steps included planting perennials, planning for problems, processing & storing.*It was full of ideas on self-sufficiency and sustainability (Reduce / Reuse / Recycle).*There was (a little) philosophy, humour, poetry, and quotes from the sitcom The Good  Life, the self-sufficiency guru John Seymour, and Henry Thoreau’s novel Walden.*Some content was surprising, and maybe even a little shocking.
At our June Meeting on the 13th, we had a particularly enjoyable evening  with our guest speakerPatrick Harding who is a freelance broadcaster, author, and botanist, probably best known as a mycologist(expert on fungi). His topic was entitled "In Praise of Trees". Patrick regaled us with many interesting facts and stories associatedwith British trees. In his idiosyncratic style, liberally sprinkled with humorous asides, we heard about: -How our native trees re-colonised after the Ice Age.Fascinating uses to which trees are put – from cradles to coffins.Woodland natural history plus the folklore of trees.
At our July Meeting on the 11th, our guest speaker was John Foley of Holden Clough Nursery.http://www.holdencloughnursery.comHis talk was on "Crocosmias Through the Ages"  -  An insight into what most people believe to be that ‘weedy Montbretia’. Beside the varieties and care of less brutish cultivars, John told us about the history of Holden Clough Nursery, how they have developed and their success at prestigious flower shows.His enthusiasm for his subjct was infectious and we had a very  enjoyable and informative evening.
David Domoney"The Living Garden "Our September Meeting on the 12th, was a "Special Ticket" event, featuring the celebrity gardener and renowned speaker David Domoney.David shared his passion for the garden and the many creatures that reside within it.  From insects to amphibians, mammals to micro-organisms, our gardens are teeming with life.In a talk crammed with information as well as humour and wit, David shared with us five of his favourite life forms to be found there. Hedgehogs, birds, bees, ladybirds and microbes featured in his presentation.To round off the talk he gave a very enjoyable series of tip and tricks, featuring heavily on cost free items, many with a humorous aspect.
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