Meetings in 2022, 2021 & 2020

Kevin Pratt from Village Plants stepped in at short notice when the booked speaker was ill.

Kevin gave us a detailed talk on: -

"Woody Treasures"

Plant that merit attention

He selected over forty species that are attractive and viable to use in our gardens that are often overlooked and only usually to be found in specialist collections.

These included some of his personal favourites such as unusual Berberis varieties and Veronicas, the new official name for Hebes.

For more information go to: -  Village Plants Ltd 7, Bosden Fold Road, Hazel Grove SK7 4LQ

April Meeting 2022
 March Meeting 2022

At a packed meeting, Adam Frost, garden designer and TV presenter, gave a relaxed but highly informative talk on "Getting the most from your garden".

He began by emphasising the need to understand your garden, starting with the state of your soil,

before moving on to talk about the garden's climate and understanding the nature of the space it occupies. 

He recommended that you should, slow down, stop, look and take in the garden, noting how it changes throughout each day and the seasons.

This, he explained would allow you to plan the space and get more from the planting that goes in.

Using examples from his work as a designer, he talked about choosing plants for, size, texture, shape and scent. He acknowledged that while colour was important, it shouldn't be the only factor. "We need to ask ourselves what elements does each plant bring to the space".

In summing up, he talked about looking after our gardens, planning for the future while accommodating the changes to our climate. He stressed the need to ensure diversity and gardening in an environmentally sensitive way and the joy of creating a space that attracts wildlife.


Febuary Meeting 2022

"Cyclamen, Hepaticas and Snowdrops"

Mr Bob Worsley, a self-confessed enthusiast for these three Alpines (he has the T-shirts) gave an illustrated talk on the delights of growing these plants. His enthusiasm for their various foliage forms was clear, as was his appreciation of the many rich and varied flower types. He brought examples to show with some for sale.As a keen advocate for the Alpine Garden Society and the East Cheshire Group which meets in Wilmslow. He invited everyone to see what they had to offer. 

January Meeting 2022

In 2017 Tony won“Best Deciduous Bonsai” at the prestigious Noelanders Trophy in Belgium with this Hawthorn tree

"Flowering and Fruiting Bonsai"

Returning by popular demand, Mr Tony Tickle a bonsai specialist, gave an amusing illustrated talk on the art of bonsai. He explained the various forms of bonsai and the requirements for each category that is grown, along with the elements that support each exhibit. He ended the talk with slides about his role as one of the judges at the 2014 China National Bonsai Championship.


 For more information go to Tony's website

 November Meeting

"The Wild Flowers of East Cheshire"

Mr Jack Swan gave an illustrated talk on many of the wildflowers that can be found in East Cheshire.He began by explaining the importance of sites such as the "Coronation Meadow" at Dane-in-Shaw pasture Congelton, in sustaining the diversity of species and the importance of some of these plants as food sources for bees, butterflies and hoverflies.The site has SSSI status and has been greatly improved by using Yellow Rattle and other hemi-parasites to weaken the grasses and to allow plants such as Common Spotted Orchid and Common Cat's-ear to flourish.


Yellow Rattle


Spotted Orchid



October Meeting

"The work of Chester Zoo in helping to conserve native plants"

Mr Richard Hewitt, Nursery Manager at Chester Zoo gave a detailed talk on the zoo's role in helping to conserve native plant species. In their work with several other organisations the zoo's nursery staff have propagated and provided trees and shrubs to be re-established in the their natural settings. These have included Black Poplar, Barberry, Llangollen Whitebeam, native Juniper, and Cotoneaster cambricus. 






September Meeting
"Plants don't go to sleep over winter"
For our first meeting in over eighteen months, at our new venue in the Club on Park Lane. Kevin Pratt, from “Village Plants Ltd”, gave a fascinating talk and provided insights into plants for winter in the garden. He showed slides of fifty different plants to illustrate the range of colour and impact that can be gained from carefully chosen specimens and varieties in the right setting. In addition, he gave us interesting background information into the work of a small nursery specialising in rare plants.
For more information go to: -  Village Plants Ltd 7, Bosden Fold Road, Hazel Grove SK7 4LQ

2020 Report

Graham Royle


At our March Meeting on the 12th,

Graham gave an interesting illustrated talk on beekeeping and bees. 

One surprising piece of information he gave us was the fact that honey bees are thriving. This is due to the fact that interest in beekeeping has grown. In the past 15 years the number of beekeepers in Cheshire has almost doubled to around 650. 

The bad news is that bumble bees and other native bees are continuing to suffer a decline.