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February 2023 Newsletter

Things to do: -


Although February is a good month to avoid compacting your soil by staying off it when it is wet, there are still plenty of jobs to consider

 Winter Pruning Tasks

 1. Climbing Roses: - remove any dead or damaged stems, thin out congested branches to allow the light in

 2. Bush and Shrub roses:- cut back stems by a third to create an open framework. Give then a feed with a slow release      fertiliser

 3. Hydrangea arborescens varieties: - cut back to two healthy buds on each stem to encourage more flowers

 4. Clematis (group three varieties such as Viticella): - reduce stems to buds around 30cm (one foot) above ground level

 5. Apples and Pears: - remove crossing and overcrowded branches  

 Rhubarb: - will benefit from a mulch of well rotted compost, but do not bury the crown, and, it can be forced by covering with a bucket  or container to produce the earlier sweetest stems

 Early Potatoes: - can be chitted by placing them rose end upwards in egg boxes in a cool, light place

 Snowdrops: - can be planted in the green, either by splitting and dividing clumps or purchasing from a nursery or an  online retailer  such as Euro Bulbs  galanthus/

 Peppers and Chillies: - need a long growing season so ideally sow the seeds this month in a heated propagator

 Garden Birds: - benefit from food put out for them and this month there is National Nest Box Week from 14 February,


 Places to visit

 It's snowdrop season: -

 Rode Hall:  Opens on 4th February.

 Church Lane

 Scholar Green

 Around 20 miles from Poynton, a 40 minute drive

 RHS Bridgewater are hosting: -

 “World on Your Windowsill” all about houseplants from12 - 26 February

 Occupation Rd, Worsley, Manchester M28 2LJ

 Around 19 miles from Poynton, a 50 minute drive

Free: well-rotted horse manure

Contact Brenda Dale 

Tel: - 01625 871102

Street Lane Adlington

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