January 2022 Newsletter 

Resolutions for the year ahead  

     1. Go peat free in the garden: -

        Only buy compost that has no peat content

        Check when buying new plants that they are grown in a peat free medium

    2. Make your own compost: -

        Create a compost heap, or

        Get a compost bin/wormery

        Mixing home made compost with bought compost saves money and often produces stronger healthier plants

    3. Grow your plants from seed: -

        January is a good time to sow Sweet Peas, two seeds to a pot or root trainer, just keep them frost free

    4. When planning your garden for the year ahead, decide on how to you might encourage pollinating insects and wildlife, perhaps         by:-

        Leaving an area of grass un-mown or even planted with wild flowers

        Choose plants for your garden that are good for pollinators

        If you have the space, plant a tree

Jobs for January

    Cut back old leaves on hellebores down to ground level to show off the season’s flowers

    Check on stored dahlia tubers to make sure there is no sign of rot

Free: well-rotted horse manure

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