June 2022 Newsletter 

Things to do this month


 1. Thin out apples to get a better crop later on: leave one dessert apple per cluster, every 10cm (4in) or one cooker every 15cm  (6in)

 2. Begin feeding tomatoes and potted flowers with a high potassium food (Tomatorite etc.)

 3. Take softwood cuttings of: -

     Anthemis, Aubretia, Buddleja, Fuschia, Hydrangea, Lavandula, Lavatera, Osteospernum, Pelargonium, Penstemon, Salvia, etc.

    Collect the cuttings early in the morning and put them straight into a polythene bag

    Trim the base of the cutting to just below a leaf node, leaving 5 - 10 cm (2  - 4in)

    Remove the lowest leaves

    Use a moisture retentive cutting compost (add 50% perlite or vermiculite to an ordinary compost)

    Cover the cuttings with a plastic bag to retain moisture, place in a propagator or on a windowsill, but out of direct sunlight

    The cuttings should root in two to four weeks    

Places to visit


 The Lovell Qunita Arboretum

 Swettenham Lane, Swettenham, nr Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2LF


 Bluebell Cottage Gardens have a new walled garden and greenhouse open.

 Lodge Lane, Dutton, Nr Warrington WA4 4HP see www.bluebellcottage.co.uk

 *Paul Pennington still has a range of tomatoes on sale to members. See the Tomato Plants page

Free: well-rotted horse manure

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Tel: - 01625 871102

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